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Peginterferon is a popular long acting interferon (a protein that is released in the patient's organism in response to infections that are caused by viruses). An intake of Peginterferon helps the patient's organism fight against viruses, regulates its cell reproduction and regulates its immune system.
Peginterferon is a special interferon that is generally prescribed to patients who are suffering from chronic hepatitis C. However, a treatment with Peginterferon could also serve some other purposes that have not been listed here. Ask your personal physician for more information about Peginterferon.


Do not use Peginterferon if you are pregnant or are nursing an infant. Do not take Peginterferon if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Intake Guidelines

You ought to ask your personal health care provider to tell you exactly how and when it is best for you to take each of your doses of Peginterferon. If you did not completely understand some of his or her directions we strongly recommend you to immediately ask a nurse or to a pharmacist for more detailed explanations. If you are in need of further information regarding Peginterferon or your treatment with it, you should simply read the drug's label.
Peginterferon is administered only as a sub dermal injection. You will probably be administered Peginterferon by a professional health care provider (a nurse or a doctor) in a special medical setting. As Peginterferon is generally administered once a week, it is best if you are given the Peginterferon injection at the same time each week. You should not use a medicine that looks discolored or that contains any sort of particles. Ask your personal health care specialist how you may properly dispose of your prescribed syringes and needles.


Your personal health care specialist is the authorized person to prescribe you the correct dose of Peginterferon that you should take in on a regular basis. During your treatment with Peginterferon, your personal doctor might want to change your initial dose of Peginterferon, depending on how your organism responds to the treatment.


If you think that you might be suffering from an overdose with Peginterferon you should seek professional medical attention at once. You ought to alert your personal physician and your local poison control centre as soon as you can. If necessary, go to the nearest emergency room where you will receive a proper medical treatment for your condition. We have no information regarding the possible symptoms or effects that could be triggered by overdose with Peginterferon.

Missed Dose

Each patient should do his or her best to take each of the prescribed doses of Peginterferon at their due time. A missed dose of Peginterferon should be prescribed the next day. After this, you may return to your initial dosing schedule. If you have missed your dose of Peginterferon for more than a day, we recommend you to contact your personal health care specialist and ask him or her for further instructions. Do not use double doses of Peginterferon without your personal physician's approval, as this increases your risk of developing overdose.

Side Effects

Stop your treatment with Peginterferon as soon as possible, alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible and seek emergency medical care if you happen to experience depression; suicidal thoughts; abnormally irritable; nervousness (anxiousness), or if you develop any other behavior or mood changes. Some patients who had followed a treatment with Peginterferon have developed severe behavior and / or mood medical disorders, lungs, heart, and eye disorders, and so on. If you start experiencing breathing difficulties, blurred vision, chest pain, or loss of vision you should alert your personal health care specialist as soon as you can.
Some patients who have followed a long term treatment with Peginterferon have developed a severe decrease in their regular number of platelets and white blood cells. If your numbers of platelets or white blood cells get abnormally low, you are more prone to developing an infection or bleeding. You should alert your personal doctor at once if you experience any infection symptoms, fever, abnormal bruising and / or bleeding.
If you happen to develop any signs of an allergic reaction to Peginterferon (this includes breathing difficulties; hives; closing of the throat; swelling of the tongue, lips, or face), you must stop your treatment with Peginterferon at once and alert your personal health care specialist. Seek professional medical care at once. A prolonged intake of Peginterferon could also trigger some other flu-like symptoms, especially at the beginning of the treatment with Peginterferon. You should try consuming plenty of liquids and medicines like Tylenol in order to ease these unpleasant symptoms. A treatment with Peginterferon could also trigger some other less severe, but far more common side effects such as:
- Chills or fever;
- Constipation or diarrhea;
- Drowsiness or dizziness;
- Headache;
- Itching, bruising, or irritation at the injection site;
- Muscle aches;
- Thinning or loss of hair;
- Vomiting, nausea, or loss of appetite;


Before you are allowed to start using Peginterferon you ought to inform your personal health care specialist if you are currently using other drugs like theophylline (Theochron, Theo-Dur, Theolair, others), as a combination between them and Peginterferon could trigger severe consequences. There are other medicines that could harmfully interact with a treatment with our product, therefore we strongly recommend you to ask your personal health care specialist if it is safe to start using (taking) other medical products during your treatment with Peginterferon.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Peginterferon may also be known as:
- Alfaferone;
- Alfater;
- Alferon N;
- Avirostat;
- Beferon;
- Biaferone;
- Bioferon;
- Blauferon;
- INF;
- Inferax;
- Infergen;
- Infostat;
- Inter 2-B;
- Interferon Alfanative;
- Intermax-Alpha;
- Kinnoferon 2A;
- Multiferon;
- Pegasys;
- PegIntron;
- Realdiron;
- Roferon-A;
- Unitron PEG;
- Viraferon Peg;
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