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Menopause is a clinical term that refers to the ending of a female's regular menstrual periods, which occur on a monthly basis (in the case of a young female). When a woman reaches menopause, her periods stop and she is no longer able to become pregnant. This condition can affect females between the age of 35 and 60. However, in most cases, a woman reaches menopause when she is 45-50 years of age. Menosan is an effective clinical remedy that has been designed in order to offer females an alternative therapy option for their unpleasant menopause symptoms (apart from the well known HRT - hormone replacement therapy).
The benefits of such a therapy course mainly consist in the fact that a patient who is using Menosan presents a lower risk of developing adverse clinical manifestations or medical risks of a severe type. Pharmacists consider Menosan one of the most effective herbo-mineral drugs. Menosan is known to contain special hormones derived from certain plants (such substances are called phytoestrogens); these components are considered risk-free.
This herbo-mineral remedy is known to be able to aid females cope with the unpleasant symptoms that arise along with her reaching menopause. The use of Menosan tends to enhance the patient's emotional and physical comfort both in menopausal and post-menopausal states. Furthermore, females who have been treated with Menosan also reported that their therapy course with Menosan had helped them deal with sleeplessness and undesirable mood swings. The regular use of Menosan is known to improve the patient's hormonal utilization, leading to a proper overall balance of the patient's hormonal levels. Most females who had been treated with Menosan were more than satisfied with the soothing effects of Menosan.


Clinical studies have shown that individuals who present certain medical conditions should seek an alternative therapy course which will help them deal with the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. For example, females who were suffering from epilepsy or any other similar seizure-disorders did not respond in an adequate way to their intake of Menosan. The same contra-indication applies in the case of diabetic women. This clinical matter should be discussed by the patient with her main clinical prescriber. This is very important in order to ensure that the female will have a safe and beneficial experience with Menosan. The presence of an allergy to Menosan should also be taken into consideration.

Intake Guidelines

This clinical remedy has been designed for internal use only. It is best to be already well acquainted with the most common intake guidelines that are associated with Menosan before you employ your first prescribed dose of Menosan. Acquiring such information is quite simple, as your PD or your local pharmacist should know what to advise you. It is also important to keep your pack of Menosan in an adequate location (Menosan should not be placed in a humid, hot, etc place). In this way, you will make sure that the quality of your medication does not diminish in time.


Most female patients who have decided to employ a regular therapy course with Menosan were prescribed the intake of 1-2 tablets of this herbo-mineral product per day. A patient can take her dose of Menosan either before going to bed or whenever she is in need of a fast and effective release of her symptoms. The unauthorized use of more doses of Menosan is forbidden in order to avoid over-exposure to Menosan.


As with most other clinical remedies, exposure to a mega-dose of Menosan or prolonged exposure to abnormally large doses of Menosan may lead to a set of severe consequences. Luckily, this medical condition can easily be avoided if the patient does not alter her prescribed dose of this herbal remedy without discussing this matter with their main medical specialist. If you feel that your current dosage schedule with Menosan is not effective enough, you should ask your PD if it is safe for you to start using larger doses of Menosan or if you will have to start using another type of medication in order to deal with your unpleasant menopausal symptoms in a more accurate way.

Missed Dose

Although replacing a missed dose of Menosan is very important (as this will not permit such a disruption severely lower the effectiveness of your treatment trial with this herbo-mineral product), the intake of double doses of Menosan is forbidden. As such, if you have neglected to use your prescribed dose of Menosan at its due time and it is already time for you to employ a new scheduled dose of Menosan, it is best to forget about your missed dose and continue your therapy as if nothing had happened.

Side Effects

This herbal product is considered a safe medication. In other words, the use of Menosan is not expected to yield any undesirable adverse manifestations, provided that the patient follows a correct treatment course with it. If you develop any unpleasant symptoms while using Menosan, alert your PD.


Although Menosan is considered a risk-free herbal product, one should not combine her therapy course with Menosan with the use of Tamoxifen or any other related clinical remedies. Such a complex therapeutic approach is known to diminish the effectiveness of the patient's treatment course with this herbo-mineral product. Furthermore, there have been reported cases in which a patient who was simultaneously using both Tamoxifen and Menosan and who presented severe adverse reactions (due to an interaction between the ingredients of these products) have occurred.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Menosan may also be known as:
- Agnus castus;
- Cimicifuga racemosa;
- Ignatia amara;
- Lachesis muta;
- Sanguinaria canadensis;
- Sepia officinalis;
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