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The medication Isosorbide is utilised for the following reasons:-
- Isosorbide helps in dilating the blood veins and arteries in the body. this Isosorbide action enables a proper and improved pumping of blood in the heart;
- Isosorbide is utilised for treatment of anginal pains or attacks. the Isosorbide is also utilised to act against the occurring of the anginal attacks;
Isosorbide can also be utilised in other treatments as prescribed by your physician.


Prior to utilisation of Isosorbide, inform your doctor if you relate to one or more of the following conditions:-
- Allergies to nitrate substances;
- Anaemia;
- Closed-angle glaucoma;
- History of heart complications;
- History of strokes;
- Liver or kidney complications;
- Low bp;
- Pregnancy and breast feeding;
- Severe migraines;

If you suffer from one or more of the above conditions, it is possible that your treatment with Isosorbide might require close observation or preparation of a special dosage schedule.
The medication Isosorbide is classified in the pregnancy Category C for the Food and Drug Administration. This signifies that it is unknown as to the risks that Isosorbide may bring to the health of the baby. It is unknown whether Isosorbide is secreted in the mother's milk.
During the treatment with Isosorbide, avoid handling heavy and dangerous equipment or driving. Do not take alcohol during the Isosorbide therapy. Do not cease utilisation of Isosorbide unless prescribed by your doctor.


Prior to utilisation of Isosorbide, please inform your physician if you are taking the following:-
- Medications for treating conditions of the heart;
- Dihydroergotamine;

It is possible that your treatment with Isosorbide might require close observation or preparation of a special dosage schedule if you are taking one of the medications above.
Do not utilise the following during your treatment with Isosorbide:-
- Alcohol;
- Viagra;

You should inform your physician about all the other treatments that you might be following and all the other drugs, prescribed or over-the-counter, that you might be taking.

Side Effects

After intake of Isosorbide, it is possible that you might suffer from certain side effects.
If you suffer from the Isosorbide side effects listed below, which occur rarely, please cease utilisation of Isosorbide and make arrangements for urgent medical treatment:-
- Allergic reaction to Isosorbide;
- Anomalous heartbeat;
- Dryness in the mouth or blurring of your eyesight;
- Unconsciousness;

Symptoms of an Isosorbide allergic reaction are: breathing complications, tightening of the throat, facial inflammations or swelling of the tongue and lips, rashes.
However, if you suffer from one of the Isosorbide side effects listed below, seek advice from your doctor:-
- A rapid pulse rate;
- Giddiness;
- Headaches;
- Inflammation at the ankles;
- Loss of strength;
- Rashes;
- Throwing up or feelings of nausea;

This page does not provide all possible Isosorbide side effects. Hence, it is important that you seek advice or treatment from your doctor if you experience certain conditions which are unusual.


If you experience one of the conditions listed below, which are symptoms of a possible Isosorbide overdose, please seek urgent medical treatment:-
- A confused state of mind;
- Altered eyesight;
- Anomalous heartbeat;
- Breathing difficulties;
- Diarrhea;
- Feelings of nausea;
- Fits or convulsions;
- Giddiness;
- High body temperature;
- Muscular cramps;
- Rashes or inflammations;
- Severe headaches;
- Throwing up;
- Unconsciousness;

Intake Guidelines

Take the Isosorbide medication either when you are lying down or seated. After administration of Isosorbide, you might feel very giddy or it is also possible that you might faint.
Each Isosorbide medication has to be taken with a full glass of water.
Follow the instructions given by your physician closely. Keep to the Isosorbide dosage schedule given to you by your doctor and do not alter your treatment unless prescribed by your doctor. If you are still in doubt as to the intake of Isosorbide, seek advice from your physician or chemist.
Isosorbide medication which has expired or which is no longer being utilised should be discarded in a safe manner.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Isosorbide may also be known as:
- Vasotrate;
- Vascardin;
- Sorbichew;
- Nitrosid;
- Jeridin;
- Isodinit;
- Imtack;
- Dilatrate;
- Cedocard;
- Angitak;
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