Without a Prescription

Ciclopirox contains a set of vitamins and minerals which are known to enhance the normal development of the patient's nails. For a complete list of the medical ingredients that Nail Care Capsules are known to contain, you should closely scan the drug's professional label or refer to your local pharmacist.
Females (but also male individuals) from all over the world have benefited from the regular use of Nail Care Capsules, and most of them have reported that they were more than satisfied with the results of their therapy course with this supplemental clinical remedy. They stated that the health and aspect of their nails had enhanced a great deal and some of them also reported a lowering of their hair loss (as some of the ingredients of Ciclopirox are also known to be vital for the development of healthy hair). Although Nail Care Capsules can be purchased without a prescription from a health care provider, we recommend you to discuss the possibility of starting to use Ciclopirox with your main clinical prescriber.


The presence of an allergy to any of Ciclopirox's components makes Ciclopirox unsuitable for you. It is important to inform your main clinical prescriber whether you are suffering from any hyper-sensitivities to any substances, preservatives, aliments or medicines. This will help your physician determine whether you are allergic to Nail Care Capsules; however, in some cases, undergoing allergy tests may be required.
We cannot tell you whether the use of Ciclopirox is prescribed in the case of pregnant females, as no detailed professional studies have been performed concerning this medical matter. If you are carrying a baby and you are interested in following a treatment trial with Nail Care Capsules you should refer to your main clinical prescriber or to your gynecologist. You should always keep in mind that the well being of your baby is your main priority. Ciclopirox may be contra-indicated in the case of nursing mothers as well (this is due to the fact that some of Nail Care Capsules' ingredients may pass into the female's milk, thus entering the baby's organism). You should consider discontinuing nursing your infant during and a short while after your treatment course with Ciclopirox.

Intake Guidelines

In order to make sure that your treatment course with Nail Care Capsules will be a success, you should employ all of your doses of Ciclopirox properly (in the prescribed way). In case you find the intake of the capsules difficult, you can employ your doses along with liquid (water, for instance). In order to avoid experiencing stomach upset, and also in order to enhance the absorption of Nail Care Capsules' ingredients, you should use your doses of Ciclopirox along with your main meals.
Storing Ciclopirox in the adequate place is vital for the success of your treatment trial with Ciclopirox, as keeping Nail Care Capsules in unsuitable conditions may diminish the quality of your medication. You should acquire professional storage information from your prescriber, from your local pharmacist or from the drug's label. The professional guide-book contained by a pack of Ciclopirox should also contain several indications concerning the proper intake guidelines of Ciclopirox. In case you find it necessary, read them with great care. Any questions that you may have concerning the proper use of your Nail Care Capsules (doses) you should refer to your PD.


Although each patient should be prescribed a personalized dosing routine with any product (including Nail Care Capsules), you could also follow the dosage directions from the drug's label. In case you consider that the effects of your therapy are not good enough and you think that you would benefit more from the use of a higher dose of Nail Care Capsules (more pills per day), you should discuss with your main clinical prescriber, as he may want to supervise your therapy course or he may indicate you another, more effective medication.


Over-exposure to Ciclopirox is not expected to yield any life-threatening consequences; nevertheless, the developing of this medical condition should be avoided. It is forbidden to use more than your prescribed doses of Nail Care Capsules unless your main clinical prescriber agrees to it.

Missed Dose

A missed dose of Nail Care Capsules will not lead to any severe consequences. However, you should always keep in mind that maintaining a regular intake schedule with Ciclopirox is the key to the success of your therapy. For further details, contact your PD.

Side Effects

Like with most other remedies, the use of Nail Care Capsules may lead to the development of certain adverse manifestations. These reactions are expected to disappear in time. If they worsen or if they are persistent, seek professional clinical care.


It is a mistake to combine your treatment course with Nail Care Capsules with the use of other supplements of prescription-drugs that serve the same purpose. Over-dosage may occur in such cases.
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